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Show apparel is featured for the sole purpose of providing visual inspiration for our clients, and is not sold by D'Anton Leather.

Peer Pressure Horsemanship Shirt

Cool mint pearlized lambskin and pink magnolia metallic are used on the appliques and collar.

Matador Showmanship Jacket & Pants

Clear blue metallic, gold metallic, and champagne metallic combine for a look that is both classic and striking.


The Peacock

This spectacular horsemanship shirt features a yoke, collar and cuffs made of purple, teal, and gold metallic. With details like this you won't blend in to the crowd!

Flamingo Snow Showmanship Jacket & Pants

Light pink metallic, pink magnolia metallic and magenta metallic are used on the scrollwork and appliques.


Just Joey Showmanship Jacket

Dark fuchsia lambskin and rose marabella team up in this glamorous jacket. View a larger photo.

Irish Rose Showmanship Jacket

Light green metallic, white and yellow pearlized lambskin with accents of lime marabella and gold ice. Click here for a larger photo.



Blazin' Hot

The blaze is made of red and candied mango metallic.


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